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In the second part of the Wonder Woman film series, Diana lives among the world’s population in 1984. Today, as an anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., Diana stumbles upon an ancient artifact that anyone who touches it can fulfill their most cherished wish. She’s also friends with the shy and insecure Barbara Ann Minerva. When Diana touches the artifact and brings her one true love, Steve Trevor, back to life, she also discovers that desire is as precious as Diana’s strength and power. But will Diana choose a life with Steve or stay Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman 1984 Movie summary

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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) The film opens with a flashback of Diana Prince (Lilly Aspell), a young girl on Themyscira Island. Diana competes in a multi-level athletics competition with many older Amazons and she is holding her own. In one of the races Diana takes a shortcut and is disqualified. Queen Ippolit (Connie Nielsen), Diana’s mother, and Antiope (Robin Wright), Diana’s aunt, teach her the importance of truth.

The film then returns in 1984, sixty-six years after the events of the first Wonder Woman film. Diane works as a senior anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. She specializes in the culture of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. At work Diane makes a new friend in the form of her colleague Barbara Anne Minerva (Kristen Wiig). Barbara is very insecure and adores Diana. She works hard to develop a friendship with her. Along the way, Diana as a Wonder Woman continues to fight crime, but she manages to stay out of the public eye and not draw attention to herself.

One day the aspiring businessman Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) visits the Smithsonian. Lorde is the head of a Ponzi scheme speculating on oil wells threatened with bankruptcy. Although he is generally a terrible person, God loves his son Alistair (Lucian Perez) very much and would do anything for him. The Lord is looking for the mysterious Stone of Dreams, which would fulfill the wishes of everyone who comes into contact with it. Diana and Barbara use the stone involuntarily to satisfy their individual wishes. Diana wishes that the love of her life, Captain Pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), would rise from the dead. In the real world, Steve’s soul manifests itself and takes control of someone else’s body. Like Diana, Barbara wants to be strong and beautiful without knowing the physical strength of Wonder Woman.

During a gala at the Smithsonian Museum, the Lord manipulates the impressionable Barbara into buying a stone. By possessing the stone, the lord wants to become the incarnation of the stone and gets the power to fulfill wishes. Moreover, he gets the opportunity to take what he wants from others. In a few days, the Lord rises up to become a powerful and influential figure in the world, leaving chaos and destruction in his wake.

Barbara, Diana and Steve continue to explore the power of the Dream Stone in the hope of finding information that will help them overcome the Lord. They discover that the stone was made by a god of betrayal and deceit. They also learn that the stone fulfills a wish of the user and in return takes away his most precious possession. The only way to change this state is by renouncing the desire or by destroying the stone itself. Steve realizes that his existence is at the expense of Diana’s power. Despite their mutual losses, Diana and Barbara are not willing to give up their wishes and try to find another solution.

Meanwhile, God gives the President of the United States (Stuart Milligan) the desire to have more nuclear weapons, which puts the world on the brink of the Third World War. It takes away the President’s influence and power. He had also learned from the president that there was a satellite broadcasting system that could broadcast signals all over the world. God decides to use this system to communicate with the whole world and proposes to fulfill everyone’s wishes. Afraid to lose her lust, Barbara conspires with the Lord to prevent Diana from harming her. Steve confronts Diana and convinces her to give up her wish so she can recover. Diana returns home with the armor of the legendary Amazon warrior Asteria (Linda Carter). Diana then goes to the station and fights with Barbara, who has made another request to the Lord. Barbara doesn’t want to be like Diana anymore, she wants to be Predator Apex. As a result, Barbara becomes the deadly cheetah. Diana and Cheetah fight, but a fully recovered Diana eventually defeats Barbara’s new alter ego.

The world is in total chaos, because the power of the Lord satisfies millions of desires at the same time, while the Lord pulls away the life force of every human being in the world in order to survive. In addition, the Soviets launched a military attack on the United States because of a sudden increase in American nuclear weapons. Diana confronts the Lord and uses her lasso of truth to communicate with the world through the Lord Himself. She convinces everyone to give up their desires. Diana also shows the Lord a vision of her son Alistair wandering the streets while chaos reigns around him and the Lord fulfils everyone’s wishes. The Lord renounces his desire and returns home to be reunited with his Son.

Some time later, around Christmas, Diana meets the man whose body Steve inhabited during the fulfillment of Diana’s wish. The man doesn’t remember Diana, but she recognizes him by his clothes. Diana continues to protect the world with her new ability to ride the wind in the air while remaining relatively anonymous.

In the middle of the credit scene, Asteria, like Diana, finds herself alive and secretly among the people.

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