According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, practicing sports, no matter how light, will give you 3 times more chances of aging in good health. All activities are good, cleaning, tinkering or gardening, to lower the risk of heart attacks by 30%.

According to Dr Jean-Daniel Flaysakier , medical journalist, playing sports after 60 years old strengthens muscles and helps limit the loss of muscle mass while maintaining balance thanks to the solicitation of joint sensors that inform the brain of our position in space.

To regain your solid youthful health, it is high time to start a fitness program!


What is a fitness program?

The decision to get back in shape is certainly the best one to take once the age of 60 has passed. Always keep in mind that to have a good physical condition, there is no secret, it is necessary to exercise regularly. Anyway, getting back into shape must be done in accordance with certain principles. It is therefore necessary to follow a well-defined program in order to effectively achieve the set objectives.

In fitness, the main goal is to regain your full physical capacities. To do this, returning to sport becomes an imperative.

However, with age, a woman’s body becomes more fragile, especially with menopause . Resuming physical activity deserves special attention. The best advice we can give is to follow a personalized program that will include activities suitable for seniors. An adapted physical activity professional will suggest exercises according to your desires and your abilities. To improve one’s state of form, regularity and frequency of exercise are very important.

A good fitness program also includes a check-up that will be done periodically to determine a plan for physical activity.

How to resume physical activity after 60?

After 60 years, the body weakened by time needs an adapted and non-traumatic activity. If the decision to return to sport is already the essential thing, it is now necessary to know how to resume physical activity. Do not forget that the body needs time to regain a good execution of movements as well as the pleasure of practicing.

The very first thing to do is a health check. The latter can be carried out in a medico-sports center. If you live in the Grand Est region (like us !!), you can benefit from this assessment via the Prescrimouv system . It is above all a question of making an inventory which will allow to know its initial capacities. Other assessments will be done periodically to be able to assess the progressions.

In short, the health check will make it possible to establish a capacity assessment. It is very important because it will create a suitable program and set reasonable goals according to one’s abilities.

For the practice, it is important to be accompanied by a professional of adapted physical activity who will offer you a regular and stimulating practice. There are many possibilities for support. Support at home, by videoconference, by video or quite simply by joining a sports association presenting the “sport-health” label.

Several activities perfectly match the abilities and needs of seniors: walking, aquagym, fitness center near me for ladies, pilates, yoga, tai chi. The important thing is to choose the one that will motivate you to achieve your goals.

After 60, tell yourself that it is not too late to get back in shape. On the contrary, your health needs it !!


Resistance work

What happens when you do a long run or do a little cycling? You train your muscle to work at low intensity, and in many cases, using fat for energy production, as opposed to the sugars used for intensive exercise. This also applies to other “boot camp” type activities or “Zumba” classes.

Please understand that these activities are not bad on their own, but they are not that effective if you want to change your muscle composition beyond the beginner gains that occur with most people who follow a fitness program. first time.

And although you train for a long time (30 minutes or more), it is the intensity that is missing in this case. Muscle contraction during this kind of effort is different from when you use weights.

The signals sent during a long distance run determine which energy system will be used, and how your body will respond to this effort, and de facto , adapt. For a quick comparison of physiology and why weight training is necessary, check out my article Why Weights? An Analogy.

In order to build muscle, you need to create the tension necessary for your body to adapt. And that’s what initially scares most girls. Don’t be afraid. The only way to become more “cut” or firm is through resistance effort.

Resistance effort (using weights or your body)

Strength training is what changes your appearance. The melting of the fat is what reveals your great involvement and your work. In this case, your new muscles are the ones that give you sexy legs and great shoulders.

To help your muscles respond the way we want them to, there are two variables to consider:

  1. Your diet
  2. Your training program

For a long time, women have been told that they should train in a certain way. Jane Fonda’s workouts and circuits were popular, while weight lifting was seen as uniquely masculine.

However, smart, effective strength training will give you the body you want. ”

There are some differences to be aware of when training a man and a woman, as much as there are differences between individuals. But the basic movements and ideals are similar for both sexes. With all this, a woman cannot reach the genetic potential of a man, unless more than generous help from drugs or genetics. So, unless that’s your goal, the chances of you becoming a muscle freak are next to zero .

In addition, one must take into consideration that not all muscles are the same in appearance on the body. Muscles can be shaped and sculpted through training and your diet. Fat can only be added or removed.

Fat loss really is the simplest part of the equation, and a good diet that doesn’t drive you crazy will take care of the rest. Performing hundreds of repetitions with 3-4 kilogram weights won’t do much for your body beyond the initial adaptation. Your body requires some form of progressive loading ( part 2 will cover this topic ) to change in a positive way.

There are certain principles we can count on when it comes to weight training for any individual: increasing strength, lifting the right weight, and the right intensity (which determines how difficult the activity will be) in. Parallel factors in diet ( part 3 will cover this topic ) will change your body and continue to move you forward.