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Scott Calvin has the weight of the world on his shoulders. With only a few days to go until Christmas, the elves are lagging behind in making toys for children all over the world. Carol is pregnant and about to have her first child and Scott’s. To make matters worse, Scott invited Carol’s parents to the North Pole to support her during her pregnancy, but everyone is trying to stop him from telling them that he is Santa Claus to them. In the meantime, Jack Frost is planning to become a Santa Claus himself and go on holiday. All he has to do is convince Scott that the world would be a better place if he wasn’t Santa Claus, with all his problems, which is probably easy to do.

Santa Claus 3: Escape Class Film Summary

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Klausula on the Run (2006) Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) spent twelve years as a beautiful Santa Claus. At that time he married Carol Newman (Elizabeth Mitchell), who now works as a professor at the North Pole. On Christmas Eve, Scott and Carol are expecting their first child. While waiting for their child, Scott invites his parents Sylvia and Bud Newman (Ann-Margret and Alan Arkin) to the North Pole. Scott, however, has to maintain that he is a toy manufacturer in Canada not to reveal that he is the one and only Santa Claus. Scott also invited his ex-wife Laura (Wendy Crewson), her husband Neil (Justice Reinhold), their daughter Lucy (Liliane Mumi) and son Scott Charlie (Eric Lloyd) to join the party.

At the same time Scott is invited to a meeting of the Legendary Characters Council, which includes Mother Nature (Aisha Tyler), Father Time (Peter Boyle), Sandman (Michael Dorn), Cupid (Kevin Pollack) and the Tooth Fairy (Art LaFleur). The board met to discuss the behaviour of Jack Frost (Martin Short), who is jealous of not having a holiday or special occasion in his honour. Mother Nature suggests that the group let Jack do his own promotion at Christmas time. Yet Jack has managed to negotiate a light sentence for community service at the North Pole and promises to help Scott in his distress while his loved ones are away. At first Jack seems to keep his word and helps the elves expose various Canadian themes to help Scott with the deception.

Frost, however, has an ulterior motive to work with Scott. Jack’s ultimate goal is to convince Scott to give up his role as Santa Claus after the elf Curtis (Spencer Breslin) accidentally betrayed his escape to Klausula. Jack sneaks into Santa’s lobby with snow globes and steals one with Scott as Santa Claus. Klausula says that if Scott holds a snow globe and says I wish I wasn’t Santa Claus at all, he would go back in time and end his Santa career. Lucy finds out about Jack’s plans. So Jack locks Lucy in a closet and her parents are frozen. Jack then organizes various situations that make Scott believe that things can change for the better if he resigns.

In the end, Jack Scott managed to summon Klausula so he could escape. Suddenly Jack and Scott were both sent to the yard for Scott in 1994, when Scott caused the original Santa Claus to fall off his roof. Instead, Jack knocks the original Santa off the roof and grabs Santa’s coat before Scott can do it. Jack’s the new Santa Claus. Scott returns immediately to today, where he was CEO of his former company for the past 12 years. Scott discovers that at the time he was pretending that business was more important than family. Scott will also discover that Laura and Neal are divorced and that Carol left town years ago.

Scott tries to find Lucy and the Nile, resting at the North Pole, which has been transformed into a tourist resort by Jack. Jack turned Christmas into a jelly. Elves are miserable, deer are sent to the zoo as pets and children are paid to be on a good list, even if they are mean and demanding towards their parents. As soon as Scott finds Lucy and Neil, Neil claims that the reason for the divorce between him and Laura is that Charlie didn’t want him to be her father.

Scott resists Jack and forces him to record a voice talking about Klausula’s escape. Scott sends Lucy to steal Jack’s snow globe, which she does successfully. But Jack finds out about the theft and gets the globe back. As soon as Jack receives the globe, Scott plays the icy recording of the save clause, which takes them both back to 1994. Scott holds Jack long enough for his 1994 colleague to first grab the late Santa’s coat, making Santa another real day. Scott and Jack are being taken back to the modern North Pole.

Once there, Scott makes peace with his family and Jack is arrested by the Elves Police. But Laura and Neil are still frozen. Jack shows he can’t thaw his victims until he thaws them. Scott asked Lucy to give Jack one of her magic hugs to thaw and heal him. The cuddles are working, and Laura and Neil are defrosting. In addition, Jack becomes a new person and is completely reformed. Scott tells Carol’s parents he’s Santa Claus. Carol suddenly goes to work, just two hours before Scott has to leave to bring gifts to the world.
The film ends with a story that Carol tells her students. Scott’s coming to class to show off his baby, Buddy Klaus.

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