The City of Meereen and the Walls

When Daenerys Targaryen and his army reach Meyerin, Meyerin’s people look down on them. These walls belong to a fort near Split, Croatia. To find the exact location of your photos, read them or click on the map pointer in the Images section above.

A citizen of Mirin was tried and this man killed him

Daenerys Targaryenes

Where did they shoot scenes around the city of Mirin?

The scenes showing the exterior scenes of Meereen and the Meereen walls are all recorded on the fortress Burdock. Murdock is a small town with a picturesque fortress of the same name, located 7 miles (11 km) northeast of Split, Croatia.

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About the fortress Murdock

The first known inhabitants of the present fortress Klis were already there under the Roman Empire. First it belonged to an ancient Illyrian tribe, then it was conquered by the Romans. Over the course of history it has changed many leaders because of its strategic position near the mountain pass. Later it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire and then by the Venetians. Thanks to different rulers and influences, the fortress has acquired a unique shape, for example a defensive terrace with different levels. The makers of the film Game of Thrones used it to portray the exotic city of Mirin.

How do you get to the fortress Murdock?

The town of Klis is located about 11 km northeast of Split. If you come from Split, you can take the D8 to Solina, then just follow the Knez Trpimira road, which will take you to Murdock. You can also take the motorway A1 and take the exit Drnisch/Klis. North of Castle Klis there are several parking lots and a road leading to the castle.

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Scene shot in the fortress Murdock:

Daenerys Targaryen arrives with his army on, Mirin Gate.

(Relay 4 Episode 3: Circuit breaker)

Daenerys orders the execution of a slave because he killed Master.

(Season 5 Episode 2: House of Black and White)

Tyrion and Varis meet again in Meereen .

(Season 5 Episode 10: Mother’s Mercy)

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