TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT (2020) Reviews and overview [updated]

Something’s going on at WLST Radio …..

Ten Minutes to Midnight is a 2020 American horror film about a radio host who is increasingly afraid of her new replacement.

Directed by Erik Blomquist (The Long Loss; Shorts: It Came From the Woods; Ghost Tour; Midnight Brewing) from a screenplay in collaboration with Carson Blomquist, Mainframe Pictures produced with Caroline Williams (Blind; The Bloody Ballet; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Nicole Kang (Swallow), William Youmans, Nicholas Tucci (Ranger; Long Lost; You’re Next) and Adam Weppler (Long Lost; War on Aliens).


On the eve of her forced retirement, radio host Amy Marlowe (Caroline Williams) and her staff are hit by a violent hurricane, while her mysterious replacement (Nicole Kang) follows them in their every move….

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It is not a bloody and visceral spectacle, but a meditation on time and the reality of the characters. It’s not just about fear and blood and guts. It’s a story that has something to say. Most importantly, it’s also a fun horror film that fans of the genre will enjoy. AIPT

You expect to hear a churned up version of Dusk to Dawn or maybe even Pontypool, but you get something that has much deeper roots in terms of inspiration. Think dark and proven classics like The Carnival of Souls and The Twilight Zone. In other words: You wouldn’t miss ten minutes before midnight. All the horrors

Ten Minutes to Midnight is a film that begins as a whole, but continually transforms into something unexpected and new. While this development keeps interest at a high level throughout the process, it also leads to a more fragmented experience. Blomkvist has made an elusive film. Just as rewarding and frustrating. All the horrors

Although the film looks mostly like a viral-themed film, Ten Minutes ventures into David Lynch territory in the final third of the film with some trippy sequences that are hypnotic but also strange […] Ten Minutes to Midnight doesn’t waste a single frame of its 73 minutes, making it an entertaining film for genre fans. Fucking movies.

…ten minutes before midnight, the camp hums like a maniac from hell. From above? Blomkvist has a cast (and dialogue) that is in the stratosphere. Two things can make a real split: Ten Minutes to Midnight is both hilarious and terribly sexy. Come on, guys. Do better. Chicago reader

One moment stands out when Amy is on the phone with one of the last callers on her show, and here Williams shows that she knows how to act. The tears, the emotion, the release. It’s perfect. Ten minutes to midnight is definitely worth it. It contains the moments of calm that every horror film needs, as well as an engaging plot about aging star Caroline Williams. Rabat

Caroline Williams really makes this movie interesting to watch. I also admire the way director Erik Blomkvist does a lot with little. Ten Minutes to Midnight is a national production with five characters and a bottleneck. But Blomkvist presents a generous amount of intense and dramatic characters in a tidy 70-minute film. The cultural crypt

The real appeal of Ten Minutes to Midnight is to see the characters go off the rails when they get stuck in a radio station with someone turning into a vampire. If you want to see a completely serious and dark horror film, Ten Minutes to Midnight is not the film for you. There’s enough unusual fun in the film to get some laughs with the expected freshness. Culture mix

Ten minutes before midnight is more of a carnival of souls and a twilight zone than near darkness and twilight, and it can confuse you if you’re waiting for something akin to a horror movie on Pontypool Radio. But if you can listen to his psychological message, Erik Blomkvist’s latest film is a chilling look at life, death and the grey area between…. Daley Tot

Between laughter and fear lies the dramatic portrait of a woman who, despite everything she has given to her career, ruthlessly abandons her destiny for something new. This thought-provoking story, combined with a delightfully silly script, exaggerated staging and excellent acting, is a merry-go-round not to be missed. Filming the threat

Ten Minutes to Midnight is a roller coaster ride that Erik Blomkvist manages to balance the seriousness of the sexual politics at play with the suspense and sometimes hilarious horror sequences. With a great deal of attention to current social issues and a certain distance from frightening procedurals, Ten Minutes to Midnight is a film worth watching. The fuel of horror

…Ten Minutes to Midnight certainly has its place in open theaters. The film really looks like a grindhouse grind, but at the same time has a lot of heart. Loud screams, cheeky supporting characters and a few surprises add several levels of entertainment. Criticism of the murderous horror

The actors and characters:

Caroline Williams… Amy Marlowe
Nicole Kang… Sienna Walker
William Youmans… Robert
Nicholas Tucci… Ernie
Adam Weppler… Aaron
Alice Kremelberg… Young Amy 19 Greg Balla… Young Robert
Martin… Sola…
Morning producer Corey Asinofsky… Call 1
Natalie Brown… Call 2
Madeleine Dower…
-Reporter Jeffrey Fryer… Call 3
Andrew Moot… Clerk
Bill Salvatore… Horny Spock.

Technical details :

73 minutes
aspect ratio : 1.85 : 1
Audio : D-Cinema 48 kHz 5.1


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