Stone Cold Steve Austin Puts on an Action Clinic in ‘The Condemned’

Review of Stone of Cold’s first raid against this ultimate success!

A professional wrestler is partly able to act with a certain character convincingly enough in the ring. Many wrestlers have acquired basic skills that help them transition to the leading role in a feature film. After a long and successful career, Steve Stone Cold Austin decided to do so. The WWE studio helped him enter the film arena with the film Convicts. Scott Wiper was the responsible producer and he referred to his first album Best Way to Die.

Too bad: How Cold Stone made the best wrestling film ever…

CMAU comments Convicts

Condemn├ęs tells the story of an illegal contest in which a group of convicts from all over the world have to kill each other on a tropical island. Their violent clashes are illegally broadcast on the internet for a paid audience. Jack Conrad is one of the candidates, a falsely captured Delta Force agent, who is involved in the fight against his competitors and the show’s production team. The prison room is hardly original – it’s a mix of Takeshi Kitano’s Battle Royale and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Running Man. And although she does not have the falseness of the first and the skill of the second, she is more than a solid actor.

The film begins with a presentation of a collection of murderers, rapists and other psychopaths and how they are persuaded to enter the competition. Then the chase continues, people run through the jungle for most of the film and try to kill each other. There is some naive criticism of an attitude that goes online, but it is not really presented in a thought-provoking way. The producers of this illegal show are just another band of greedy criminals.

10 stars in the category Best Fighters to win.

Nobody is colder than Steve Austen. Convicted picture from the movie Rock Cold Steve Austin and Winnie Jones

Because there is no real story to impress, the plot must be good, and it’s damn cool! The focus is on the various battles between Austin and his cell mates. In a style similar to that of the undisputed series, the film is filled with raw brutality. Bones break and skulls crack when Austin uses his martial arts.

His fighting style is quite static, but quite effective. He just grabs people and hits them or knocks them out with a couple of good punches. The buoys attached to the ankles of the participants make it exciting if they explode during hardening and tear apart more than one person.

There’s a fight in cell block 99: A fighter of the extremely modern

But how safe is it?

The quality of the products is excellent. The battles and shots are filmed intensively, the camera is always close to the action and the whole film goes at a good pace. Dialogues and symbols, on the other hand, are as one-dimensional and one-dimensional as possible. Of course Austin’s character is a former Delta Force, of course he is innocently imprisoned, and of course his beautiful wife at home is waiting for him and watching his trials on television. However, none of this is a problem and one could even say that the whole facility creates a somewhat charming old-fashioned atmosphere.

Steve Austen plays his role quite well and makes a good impression with his stoic posture and excessive physical characteristics. And Vinnie Jones, who plays his usual role of sadistic psychopathic killer, is a great analogue and the most charismatic villain in the whole gang.

Convicts do whatever it takes to make watches fun and exciting and should delight wrestlers and old school enthusiasts alike.

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