Season 5: Renewal Status and Release Date

The update of the show was good news for the fans, as no one expected a blind spot after the audience reached an extremely low level in the fourth season.

We just have to wait patiently, because NBC has given the green light for the blind spot, which is in its fifth season, and the day could not be better. Although the fans are a little sad that the fifth episode will probably be the last, they are looking forward to the new season, because the thriller will finally reveal the truth about Jane Doe and what really happened to her. Let’s find out everything about the next fair to keep up with the excitement.

, when is season 5 Blind Spot?.

Before we start, let’s look at the fact that this is a program that is being updated, which is certainly a big problem, because no one expected this to happen because of the speculation and the messages that this program has been cancelled. But now the update has been confirmed, and despite the drop in attendance last season, fans have justified all the splendor. However, to keep up with the hype, NBC has not announced a date for its arrival, but will generally be released later in the year, in late autumn or early 2020.

Who participates in the fifth season of Blind Spot?.



Reportedly, Jules Serda will join the cast of the Blind Spot, and according to the deadline, her role is not yet known. The other members of the new season are Wyler (Sullivan Stapleton), Patterson (Ashley Johnson), Reed (Rob Brown) and Zapata (Audrey Esparza), who were all victims of a drone attack by Archbishop Madeleine Burke (Mary Elizabeth Mastranojo). There will also be one survivor in season five – Jane (Jamie Alexander).

What is the blind spot of the fifth season?.



Season 5 will start where it ended in season 4. In season 5, fans can watch someone die, someone important. No further details were given about who would die, but it should be noted that the victims of the explosion were Jane, Patterson, Weller, Zapata and Reid. So it is quite possible that the person who dies in season 5 is one of them. Some theories suggest that history can take a happy turn.

Do we have a trailer for Season 5 of Blind Spot?.



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