My Thoughts on: Mulan (2020)

After nine additional samples of wheat (thank you, COVID), I was finally able to see Disney’s new interpretation of Mulan as a Household Guest at night, and I am pleased to report that it was a great success, as I had imagined it would be. It is not a secret that I have an extremely … Read more

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Shauna Fulton Impresses Eric Forrester – Quinn Loses Her Man To BFF?

Bold and beautiful; Seana Fulton (Denise Richards) doesn’t care that this week Seana Fulton (Denise Richards) impresses Eric Forrester (John McCook) with her kindness to him and her devotion to Quinn Forrester (Renee Sofer) for the bold and beautiful. Beautiful and Brave Spoilers – Sean Fulton did not feel the benefit of Eric Forrester’s kindness. … Read more

The Escape Clause (2006) Movie Summary

Movie and plot overview Scott Calvin has the weight of the world on his shoulders. With only a few days to go until Christmas, the elves are lagging behind in making toys for children all over the world. Carol is pregnant and about to have her first child and Scott’s. To make matters worse, Scott … Read more

DISCOVERY’s non-stop background music (editorial) –

NO SPOILERS, BUT I WARN YOU: AFTER READING THIS BLOG YOU WILL (ACTUALLY) NEVER SEE THE OPENING IN THE SAME WAY AGAIN! I didn’t feel that last episode of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY was especially worthy of a blog, so I’m leaving this week (sorry) to concentrate on the aspect of the series that I wanted … Read more

Holiday Inn (1942) Movie Summary and Film Synopsis on MHM

Movie and plot overview Jim Hardy and Ted Hannover are partners in the show until Ted betrays Jim by stealing his fiancée. Jim runs to his farm in Connecticut to heal his broken heart, and has an idea for a playground that should only be open during the holidays. Jim’s Holiday Inn is about to … Read more

Stone Cold Steve Austin Puts on an Action Clinic in ‘The Condemned’

Review of Stone of Cold’s first raid against this ultimate success! A professional wrestler is partly able to act with a certain character convincingly enough in the ring. Many wrestlers have acquired basic skills that help them transition to the leading role in a feature film. After a long and successful career, Steve Stone Cold … Read more


IMIDs are inflammatory, immune-mediated and chronic diseases that can affect different organs, including the skin. The role of the dermatologist specialized in these diseases is key to the diagnosis of the affectation. When dealing with chronic diseases, the patient with one or more IMIDs must remember that it is necessary to follow a periodic control by this … Read more


According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, practicing sports, no matter how light, will give you 3 times more chances of aging in good health. All activities are good, cleaning, tinkering or gardening, to lower the risk of heart attacks by 30%. According to Dr Jean-Daniel Flaysakier , medical journalist, playing sports after … Read more

How to carry out your SEO strategy

Teleworking, confinement, other bans on contacts and meetings have now been part of our daily lives for a few days. I wanted to write an article explaining my vision of SEO activities in this time of crisis: Why should SEO remain your priority? Because the work done today will pay off tomorrow Because SEO is a … Read more