‘The Reason I Jump’: Seen Through the Eyes of a Critic and an Aspie

Let’s start with a little explanation. I don’t think most of you know the word Aspie. It’s an abbreviation for Asperger syndrome, a neurological disorder. Currently, Aspergers is no longer considered a disorder in itself, but is part of the autistic spectrum. Currently the correct term is ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder. So, yeah, I’m autistic. … Read more

Best Laptops for Interior Design to Buy in 2021

There are many companies in the world that are making great strides in their sector. Like any other company, the interior design sector has seen a lot of innovation and new technology in recent years. When we talk about interior design, we automatically think of terms such as colour, texture and the like. But the … Read more

My Thoughts on: Spartacus (1960)

Thanks to my parents, I saw a lot of epic films as a child. The three major films we watch at least once a year are Ben-Hur (1959), The Ten Commandments (1956) and Spartacus (1960). The latter is presented as a (very free) rereading of the story of Spartacus (a real person by the way), … Read more

My Thoughts on: Blade (1998)

Some who knew me as a child might be surprised to hear this, but I was (in my early teens) a HUGE fan of Blade at the time. I have vague memories of seeing this film on television (at the same time as Blade II) and being fascinated by what I saw. I didn’t understand … Read more

What’s Coming to Hulu (January 2021) –

See the complete list of what will happen in Hulu in January 2021 and what will happen there. coming January 1st Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve premiere with Ryan Seacrest: Special Firing Squad (ABC) : Season 2, Episodes 1-12 (Laughs) 1900 (Extended Cut) (1977) 1900 (1977) A Night at Roxbury (1998) American Gigolo (1980) Arachnophobia … Read more

What’s Coming to Amazon Prime Video (January 2021)

See the full list of what will be aired on Amazon Prime Video for Canada and the United States in January 2021. Canada January 1st Page Fat Fat Alive! Last LockXxx : Return from the cage of Alex Fake Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Catch Me, if you have Tropical Thunder War of the Worlds Simply Irresistible … Read more

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) Movie Summary and Film Synopsis on MHM

Film and action summary In the second part of the Wonder Woman film series, Diana lives among the world’s population in 1984. Today, as an anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., Diana stumbles upon an ancient artifact that anyone who touches it can fulfill their most cherished wish. She’s also friends with the … Read more

MADISON COUNTY (2011) Reviews and worth watching

Look at this movie! Just click on a star to vote now! Total: average 0: 0/5] You’re not welcome here. Madison County is an American horror movie about students who travel to a mountain town to investigate a local serial killer. Writer-director Eric England (Josie; Contracted; Roadside), movie stars Collie Bailey, Matt Mercer, Ace Marrero, … Read more

The Prom Starring Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman

DANCE, YOU IDIOTS, DANCE! Lead actor : Meryl Stripe, Jo Ellen Pellman… Warden: Ryan Murphy Now VickiTube, my new streaming service, broadcasts two iconic series, A View with Vicki, my morning chat show in which three other famous Hollywood actresses and I discuss the pressing issues of our time, and Virtually Vicki, in which I … Read more