TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT (2020) Reviews and overview [updated]

Something’s going on at WLST Radio ….. Ten Minutes to Midnight is a 2020 American horror film about a radio host who is increasingly afraid of her new replacement. Directed by Erik Blomquist (The Long Loss; Shorts: It Came From the Woods; Ghost Tour; Midnight Brewing) from a screenplay in collaboration with Carson Blomquist, Mainframe … Read more

Tandav Season 1 Episode 9 Finale Review: Khel –

Tandav ran out of steam in the final episode, delivering a season finale that lacks the tension that background music so often screams. In a way, that was to be expected. Only 30 minutes of work, and barely enough room to tackle all the plots. And of course, while the plan was to keep things … Read more

Best TV Shows About Football/Soccer

  There are many television shows, and in the golden age of streaming, the selection has never been wider. So how do you get rid of the noise and find the best on a chosen topic? We’re here to help celebrate and highlight some of the latest, greatest and most memorable performances of all time. … Read more

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Movie Summary and Film Synopsis on MHM

Film and action summary Preston, Napoleon Dynamite, a socially awkward Idaho native, lives with his grandmother and 32-year-old brother, who is constantly communicating with children online. He tries to help his best friend Pedro become president of the student body of a popular girl named Summer Wheatley. Napoleon Dynamite Short Film Below is an overview … Read more

Spotlight On Superman |

Supermen were created in the mid-1930s by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster.  He made his first public appearance in June 1938 in Action Comics #0ne. Superman was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, Jor-El and Lara… Jor El was one of the leading Kryptonian scientists and as such was a key member of the Science … Read more

Ivans XTC. (1999) Arrow Video Blu-ray Review

Judgement Abstract A disarming drama, almost documentary, shot in digital HD first. Ivan’s XTC is an almost overwhelming look at the banality and amorality behind the scenes of show business. Lot: An aspiring Hollywood talent agent goes on a week-long drug and alcohol binge, initially not realizing he has stage four lung cancer, but by … Read more

FILM REVIEW: Emily in Paris (2020-) – filmed in Paris, France

(Last updated November 22, 2020) Emily’s scene in Paris. Photo by Stephanie Branchu/Neflix/Stephanie Branchu/Neflix – © 2020 Netflix, Inc. In this new Netflix romcom series, a young American marketer finds it hard to believe how lucky she is when she is transferred from Chicago to a marketing agency in the heart of Paris, France…. History … Read more

Safiyah Sohail – Who’s Who

Mentioned multiple times in the first season of Batwoman, a dark presence paired with Alice and Julia Pennyworth, the mysterious Safiya Sohail is about to make her live debut in the second year of the series, played by Shivani Gaya. Her goals are not yet clear, but she promises to be a handful…. and I’m … Read more

Claire Foster – Who’s Who

To find someone else from the comics in Smallville, you have to go to season 3 where some of them show up. The first in chronological order is in episode 5, Perry, and that is Dr. Claire Foster, represented by Lorena Gale. In the show, she is Lex Luthor’s psychiatrist, but she is secretly paid … Read more