My Thoughts on: Mulan (2020)

After nine additional samples of wheat (thank you, COVID), I was finally able to see Disney’s new interpretation of Mulan as a Household Guest at night, and I am pleased to report that it was a great success, as I had imagined it would be.

It is not a secret that I have an extremely rare pleasure when it comes to Disney-Live-Action-Remakes (the fact that the most of your inferior ones are like the original doesn’t help). However, from the moment I saw the first Teaser, Mulan changed his mind. I had the pleasure that Disney finally found the right balance between new and old, something that I have not seen since the year 2014 (although the title of the Dornröschen-Remake is very similar, and you all know it). My Neugierde was definitively created by the film, which seems to be based on traditional Chinese martial arts films (Wuxia is great), so I was really careful to end the film with my mother to see how we planned it.

If you didn’t know, this new mulan is really, really good. As with any Disney Remake, there is a handling cut that comes directly from the animated original trunks, but in this film they are so well thought out that they actually make an improvement. One of my song details is that Mulan’s songs (one of my song sets in the Disney-Renaissance-Ära) are one of these backdrops in the form of proclaimed dialogues. I really needed to hear it, it was tolling to hear I’ll Make a Man Out of You and A Girl Worth Fighting for it. I hope that many Disney fans, who were annoyed (as I am), that Mulan was not a Musical War, that was overrated, I know that I was.

But my favorite part in this film has to be the hexe. I haven’t thought about that for a year. It has been announced that a hexe is being introduced into the Scene, which I consider to be a bright idea, but it was before I noticed that it was not the stereotype hexe. That Hexe in Mulan is fantastic! Actually, it is so interesting that I was keen that Disney should have a prequel to the power that the hex was given to it, I can say that it has a great deal of history. Of course it was thought as a foil to Mulan in order to show what can be done from our heroine if she is taken on the wrong path, and I could see the obvious differences between the two of them.

Another Sache I liked? Jason Scott Lee as Bory Khan. There is a great improvement over the animated bush weight Shang Yu, because we now have a much more definite reason why Bori Khan wants to use the Imperator. That’s why I wanted to thank him, because Jason Scott Lee also played Mowgli in 1994 in Disney’s first Dschungelbuch-Live-Action-Remake, and I thought it would be really cool to see him again in a Disney movie.

Even though I am still worried that Lee Shang is wrong in this film, I am not worried that Disney has a potential interest in Mulan. I say potentially, because at the time of the summit there is still nothing public, but it is more public that a fortification is in Mache, and I would be happy to see it.

Eine letzte Anmerkung: The Szene, in the Mulan, finally accepted the value of her identity as a female warrior, was so strong that she gave herself to me. These are times like this, in which I live in a film, and Disney has hit the nail on the head with this.

Mulan is definitely one of the best Disney-Live-Action-remakes that the Studio has made so far, and I would be more than happy if Mulan’s writing would continue in a future film.

Please let me know in the comments what you think of Mulan and have a nice day!

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