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Mafia Inc – a 2020 Canadian action film about the escalation of gang warfare between rival families in Montreal in the 1990s.

Directed by Quebec filmmaker Daniel Grow, aka Podz, based on a screenplay by Sylvain Guy, adapted from the book Mafia, Inc. The Long and Bloody Reign of the Sicilian Clan in Canada, written by André Sedilo and André Noel. The film stars Marc-André Grondin, Sergio Castellitto, Cristina Rosato, Benz Antoine, Milen McKay, Domenic Di Rosa, Gilbert Cicotte, Marc Day, Pina Di Blasi, Rafael Petardi and Ali Hassan.


The film takes place in Montreal in the 1990s. The film tells the story of the Gamache family, a generational cutter for the Paterno mafia. Vince works for Godfather Frank with his oldest son and tries to earn his stripes by impressing him, but he goes too far and ends up in the war.

Gamachet tailors, from father to son, have dressed the Paterno Mafia family in Quebec for three generations. Vincent Vince Gamache works for Godfather Frank with his oldest son Jacko. Vince, reckless and inconsiderate, tries to earn his stripes by impressing his godfather. Unknown to the Paterno family, he orchestrated a major operation and subsequently received a promotion. Enraged by jealousy, Jacko discovers that Vince committed a monstrous act during his attack. Gamache disowned Vince, and a gang war ensued.

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Based on true facts, Mafia Inc. is a stylized and violent crime thriller that explores family ties and honor pacts. Gru’s film is fantastically directed and brilliantly acted, particularly Castelitto as the formidable Caporegim. Steve Cosens’ cinematography evokes splendor as well as filth and debauchery. Mafia Inc – is an impressive achievement. The mafia in the back

Director Daniel Growe uses a rock band and granular visuals to explode the pancreatic mood. The established Canadian filmmaker considers Mafia Inc. In a conscious movement that is only part of the strange intertwining of the present (1994) and the past (1980). Here and there, images of gratuitous violence emerge, tastefully used to convey the bloody consequences of distrust and jealousy. Foil Ink

As with other Mafia films, these are the moments that make Mafia Inc. work. The torture of a Greek investment banker, the capture of an informer, a bus full of children and cruel executions. Now all these moments are forever etched in my memory. It is a mandatory event for the public. I’d say it’s the best gangster movie in a long time, but the Irishman beats Mafia Inc. Filming the threat

Primed, charged and with a firm hand, the mafia aims to deliver an old-fashioned, exciting gangster movie. But the trigger was never quite pulled. Respect has to be earned, and Gru is garnering it for his impressive film. Admire his refusal to follow traditional gender channels – even with mistakes. Rating of the week


Godfather or Pope, I don’t want to see you and your family as crooks!



Seville Films and eOne released Mafia Inc. in Canadian theaters in 2020. Film Movement will be released in the United States on the 19th. February 2021 for virtual cinemas.

The actors and characters:

Sergio Castelitto… Francesco Frank Paterno
Mark… Andre Grounds… Vincent Vince Gamache
Gilbert Sycott … Henri Gamache
Milin McKay … Sophie Gamache
Donnie Falsetti … Giacomo Junior Giaco Paterno
Vittorio Rossi … Ricardo Galati
Jerry Mendicino … Giacomo Paterno
Mike Ricci … Patrizio Paterno (as Michael Ricci)
Domenic Di Rosa … Donato Toto Russo
Luigi Saracino … Roberto Birdie Russo
Antonio Yammatteo … Tommaso ‘Tommy Yap-Yap’ Volpi
Benz Antoine … Sergeant Brassens Paul
Karl Farah… Corporal Pierre Marois
Roman Pagliaro … Corporal Mario Puglisi
Tony Ellwand … Anna Paterney.

Shooting Locations:

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Technical details :

143 minutes



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