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Madison County is an American horror movie about students who travel to a mountain town to investigate a local serial killer.

Writer-director Eric England (Josie; Contracted; Roadside), movie stars Collie Bailey, Matt Mercer, Ace Marrero, Joanna Sotomura, Natalie Scheetz and Nick Principe. Producer: Daniel F. Dunn, Eric England, and Ace Marrero.


A group of students travel to a small mountain town called Madison County to interview the author of a history book about several horrific murders that took place there. But when the kids arrive in Madison County, the perpetrator is nowhere to be found and the residents pretend they haven’t seen him for years. It’s also claimed that the killer never existed and that the murders never happened. However, when children look for their own answers, they discover that the stories can be more realistic than those told by locals….


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…This reviewer recommends that horror fans watch this title. Especially Slasher fans will enjoy this release, which Greyhound will probably be a bit disappointed about. There are many violent scenes, but the focus is on the tension and conflict between James and the company and Damien. There are some tropics here and England is best at creating and keeping secrets. 28 days of analysis later

In the least creative of all horror sub-genres, the only real way to do something, even remotely innovative, is to use complex murder scenes that fail with their performance. If some greyhounds here are looking for what they want, they should look elsewhere. The cover of the DVD does say Unclassified, but in any case there is not much to downgrade to the nominal version here. Kinematic shocks

The first half is a dull and boring construction, the second half is boring but is still a fairly effective alternative to the slasher film. Not all questions are finally answered – and maybe more could have been done if the people in the neighborhood had been involved in Damien’s murder. DVD conversation

I can say what I want about the movie, but I finally enjoyed it.  I found an unexpected and delicious choice in writing. Madison County doesn’t explore new territory for the split genre.  But the field he covers, he does in an entertaining way. Icons of fear

Madison County isn’t exactly a great movie, the main characters (read: the victims) are crippled and a little more manipulative than I’d like (there’s a blatant omission here!), but in itself it’s an entertaining slasher movie. MovieGuy 24/7

…Although the director injected irresistible style breaks into the film’s plot (like a blurred silhouette in the background in several shots), the Madison County atmosphere ultimately challenges its positive attributes – although the film’s effectiveness in the tight murder sequences cannot be denied either. Film reviews

…Unfortunately, this one tries to take the superior road to his meaner counterparts and seems to want to be more than just a killer movie, but he just misses all his targets. Although there’s something in the movie for that. The filmmakers made the film look like a film with a higher budget than it actually is, through the use of beautiful photography. Rock! Shock! Daddy! Daddy!

…In the end I was able to leave the amateur editing, the lack of originality and the mediocrity of cinematography behind to find pleasure in this film. Killer Mask is unique, there are moments of legitimate excitement and a few twists and turns along the way that made me relive things that didn’t work in this film. If you approach it with low expectations and an open mind, you might even enjoy it. The horror of evil.

The actors and characters:

Collie Bailey… James
Matt Mercer… Will
Ace Marrero… Kyle
Joanna Sotomura… Brooke
Natalie Sheetz… Jenna
Nick Principle… Damien Ewell
Dayton Knoll… David Randall
Katie Stegeman… Girls
Adrienne Harrell… … Erma
Marshall Yates… The man with the knife
James Cotten… Wanderer
David Earle England… Man on the porch
Roger Smith… Boss of Diner at the window
Megan Elizabeth Bell… In the case of Girl #1
Christie Dawn Moore… Waterfall girl #2


Shooting locations:

Russellville, Arkansas.

Technical details :

81 minutes

Budget :


Remarks :

Not to be confused with the romantic drama Bridges of Madison County from 1995, starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep.



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