Living to Die: Thanking the Action B-Movie Gods for Wings Hauser

God has blessed us with a big angel B video action with big wings Hauser .

I can use a smileyface to describe the last action film of the ’90s, but I’ll be damned if Wings Hauser didn’t deserve a halo of a smileyface for his work that brought down the last B-movies over the years.

He is known to many as a character actor and often as a villain or bully after decades of working on television and appearing in commercials. Wings has a remarkable talent for devouring scenes on screen in any way. But where the man really shines is in his action scenes from self directed B-movies, such as the 1990 classic Life Until Death.

VHS Classics : Wing Hauser in DEATH FORCE (1983)

CMAU Life to Death Reviews (1990)

Oh, man, was that a M.F. Hauer movie, Wings. We’ve got our guy as a retired cop / detective, or something, who quickly got the wrong number on the first arrest. Or something like that, I was as distracted as Wing’s character, Nick Carpenter, who accidentally attacked his partner. Yet we arrive in Las Vegas, where Wings is thrown into the middle of a strange world of drugs, prostitution and all the intersections and allegories of neo-black characters in Chinatown.

Wings does his part by sieving a lot of tracks, twists and turns and women as he mixes different characters, kicks a lot of ass and drinks as much whiskey as possible (water backs). Overall, the film works quite well with Wings and is surprisingly skillfully staged. Some of the shots and scripts are a bit long, but for a film in which you can play the budget from time to time with actors and sets, it’s actually quite an impressive job.

Rutger Hauer’s Top 10 Action Films

Baby actor figure! Wings Hauser in all its curly mule glory!

But what makes the movie really great is that all the characters are baby breasts! Directed by Wings, who has the amazing ability to make MEALS of every scene he appears in, the rest of the cast seems to enjoy the opportunity to play against his jovial and confident charisma and take turns feeding the action! I say this in capital letters because you can see when an actor really likes computers, how quiet, noisy or explosive he can be.

For example, Wings can turn a regular scene into, uh, you know, picking up a phone booth and asking for a number. And make this delightful 5-minute master class about how to spend as much time on screen as possible by shouting at the non-existent bartender in the background, spitting a lung for a dramatic effect, then finding your light and positioning yourself in some kind of artistic Renaissance posture to record the most casual phone call.

We also have a huge group of women who, in each role, Wings is likely to have been chosen from his Hollywood circle of friends, with the promise of making them stars…. And as frightening as it may seem today, you could say that he at least delivers the goods, because there are great roles in this film, because the women show an amazing diversity, from a completely improvised dance song to a stylish singer who could lead to any scene in Goodfellas.

Chuck Norris kicks his supernatural ass in Help (1994).

But, how safe is it? Wing Hauser in Vice (1982)

It’s just acting, and no matter how strange it is for me to recommend the film to act alone, I really should do it alone for Wings’ performance. However, it is gratifying to note that the level of action carried out is very satisfactory. Wings isn’t someone who stands up when he appears in a scene. And as an assassin, he certainly knows how to play hardball and sketch a few pieces to make history.

There is also the big action mentioned above at the beginning, with a few cracks and small shootings scattered all over the place. However, if you’re looking for Arnold or Chuck Norris level action, you might be a little lost. It’s a children’s film, Wings, and whether he likes it or not, he’s gonna cry with the actors and his wives. He saves the action for key scenes where he has to get his ass kicked before he can wipe another whisky and write poetry about life – Wings style!

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