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The story of a girl writing her own ending….

#No one of the 2019 American psychological thriller about a young woman seeking revenge on the man who caused her younger sister’s suicide. #

Writer and director Sarah Pirozek, film stars Mark Menchaca, Sarah Rich, Jolene Marquez, Liz Meinders, Dakota Lustick and Samantha Nicole Dunn.


Rosie (Sarah Rich), a Woodstock teenager, mourns the loss of her younger sister Amelia when she discovers that the mysterious man (Mark Menchaca) who abused and attacked her sister is back in training and looking for new victims.

When the local police refuse to investigate, Rosie discovers a darker side than she ever knew when she decided to take the law into her own hands. Her search for a man leads her down a dark path and raises burning questions: Will she find him? And if that’s the case… what happens then? When does the victim become the perpetrator? Has justice been done? How is Rosie supposed to get out of here in one piece?

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…we have to admit we’re not sure what to make of the movie #Sarah Pyrozek’s Sortof. It’s definitely a film noir that makes us guess to the end, while remaining extremely dark and deep. We weren’t prepared for this, and I’m sure you weren’t prepared for this either. Celebrities

In a few short scenes, hardly supplemented by the credits, Pirozek sets the tone, the relationships and the expectations. # As if it wasn’t a film animated by artificial drama, but a loss of innocence, a maneuver of purity replaced by a seductive maturity.# With a simple staging and a dark tone (congratulations to director Brian Jackson), # Similar pulses to the energy of a 70s thriller. Elements of madness

In making her final decision, Rosie went out with men several times. Both in turn have qualities that are as beautiful as they are sinister. Director Sarah Pirozek’s central message is essentially the feminist message that men cannot be trusted as a class […] A smart, modern and interesting film. And one that could scandalize many men. #LOL An eye for a movie

Despite its flaws, the film has some timely and poignant things to say about what it’s like to be a girl/young woman in the digital age. Instead of being overzealous for the commentary itself, Pirozek opts for a complicated, blackish story that leaves the audience in suspense…. Rich gives a solid performance like Rosie. Its vulnerability and strength are the driving force behind the story. Watching their journey is as exciting as it is disturbing. Father Son of the Holy Mountain

A solid feature debut for award-winning writer/director/producer Sarah Pirozek. Despite stumbling, the film makes you curious about what she’s going to do now. Based on the immediately recognizable premise that he – as a woman both online and in the real world – certainly reaches his goal, #Like ends with a series of defeats – a perfect way to chat directly with a friend. Cinematic intuition

It emphasizes the utter ugliness of Internet culture and the monsters it can make us. It’s a feminist horror masterpiece, without the blood and guts usually found in films of the same genre. ┬áIf you like medallions filled with necklaces, this film should be next on your playlist. Filming the threat

It’s a fascinating story for the #MeToo era, certainly challenging, realistic and disarming at the same time […] Brian Jackson’s cinematography is dreamy, summery and thoughtful, and gives the impression that teenagers enjoy an endless holiday […] It’s a very feminine film, the influence of Pyrozek permeates every frame. It’s a courageous story, told with sensitivity and real feeling. The horror of evil.


# Just like the 26th. January 2021 broadcast on VOD.

The actors and characters:

Mark Menchaca… Man
Jeff Wincott… Detective Horn
Ramon Nunez… Ray Boy
Sarah Rich… Rosie
Samantha Nicole Dunn… Amelia
Patricia Pinto … Mama
Dakota Lustic… Rory
Liz Meinders… D’ria
Jolene Marquez… Stacey
Marin Gazzaniga … Melissa

Technical details :

Ninety-three minutes.




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