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Jim Hardy and Ted Hannover are partners in the show until Ted betrays Jim by stealing his fiancée. Jim runs to his farm in Connecticut to heal his broken heart, and has an idea for a playground that should only be open during the holidays. Jim’s Holiday Inn is about to open, and Jim’s first addition to the show is the beautiful Linda, a talented singer and dancer who wants to get into show business. But when Ted returns to Jim’s life and tries to recruit Linda as his new dance partner, Jim gets into a bitter fight with his former business partner for Linda’s love.

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Holiday Inn (1942) Jim Hardy (Bing Crosby), Ted Hanover (Fred Astaire) and Lyla Dixon (Virginia Dale) performed a popular musical show in New York City in the 1940s. On Christmas Eve, Jim prepares for his last performance before retiring with Lyla to a farm in Connecticut. Jim’s plans suddenly fell apart when Lyla declared her love for Ted and told him she wouldn’t go with him. Passionate Jim says goodbye to two former partners and travels alone to Connecticut.

A year later, Jim returns to New York for Christmas Eve. Jim announces his plans to turn his farm in Connecticut into a Holiday Inn, an entertainment center open on holidays only. Ted and his agent Danny Reed (Walter Abel) are amused by the idea, but the question is whether it will work. Danny is approached by an aspiring singer Linda Mason (Marjorie Reynolds) who wants to go into show business. Danny’s sending them to the Holiday Inn and Ted’s club. One day, Linda meets Jim in a club, who claims to own a rival club. Linda pretends to be Ted’s famous girlfriend, but she leaves soon as Ted and Lyla get closer.

The next day at Christmas, Linda arrives at the Holiday Inn. She sees Jim again, and they both know their tricks. Jim invites Linda to participate in his show and plays her new white Christmas song. In a few days the Holiday Inn will open its doors for New Year’s Eve. The hotel is a success and opens with a plush house. In New York, Ted learns that Lyla, a fickle girl, is leaving him for a Texas millionaire. Ted drinks a lot and goes to the Holiday Inn at midnight. When he arrives, he sees Linda. He dances with a young artist and gets the applause of the audience for his drunken show. Danny comes to the hotel and is happy that Ted has found a new dance partner. But kitten Ted doesn’t remember Linda in the morning. Afraid to lose Linda, Jim hides her from his old partner.

A few weeks later, on Lincoln’s birthday, Ted and Danny keep looking for Linda. Jim stages a minstrel act called Abraham and covers Linda with a black face to prevent two men from finding her. Before the performance, Jim asks Linda to stay with him between vacations, which she interprets as a suggestion. Without finding the mysterious girl, Ted and Danny leave the Holiday Inn with the intention of returning to their next vacation.

During rehearsal for the Valentine’s Day show, Jim plays a new song for Linda, called Be Careful, It’s My Heart. Ted comes in during the rehearsal and recognizes Linda from the New Year’s dance. He starts tap-dancing Linda. At the end of their dance, Ted asks Jim to prepare a song for the performance.

A few weeks later, on their birthday in Washington, DC, Ted and Linda appear in elaborate 18th-century costumes. Jim tries to sabotage their performance by changing the tempo from minuet to jazz every time he tries to fuck. Ted asks Linda to be his dance partner, but she refuses his offer and tells him that he and Jim are engaged. Ted asks Jim to marry him, but Jim plays him. But Ted’s not sure.

At the Easter performance between Jim and Linda, a novel finally begins to blossom. Ted’s coming to the hotel. He asks Jim to let him appear in Jim’s show, so he can experience the true happiness that Jim and Linda have found. Jim is suspicious about his former partner’s motives, but Linda is happy to have Ted on the show.

A few months later, Jim made his debut with his Independence Day show. He heard Ted and Danny discuss the Hollywood representatives’ proposal for Ted and Linda. Ted and Danny plan to use the Independence Day show to audition for a couple in the movies. Jim pays to hire Gus (Irving Bacon) to delay Linda’s arrival at the show. Gus drives Linda into the creek. Unfortunately, Lyla comes in and helps Linda. Lyla leaves the millionaire behind and tells Linda that Lyla will be Ted’s partner in running the studio. Linda thinks Jim replaced Lyla, so she shows Lyla the way to the creek. The hotel asked Ted to do a solo dance. Linda arrives and discovers that only Ted has impressed the head of the studio. Linda is angry with Jim because he doesn’t trust her to make her own decisions. She’s going to Hollywood. The inconsolable Jim once again agrees to let the producers make a film about the Holiday Inn.

On Thanksgiving day, Jim leaves the hotel closed due to depression. He’s getting ready to send a new song to Hollywood, although he doesn’t like it. The hotel’s housekeeper, grandma (Louise Beavers), tells Jim that he must go to Hollywood and win back Linda’s heart.

Jim leaves the hotel and arrives in California on Christmas Eve. He comes like Ted, and he’s getting ready to marry Linda. Jim met his old partner in Ted’s locker room. He locks Ted in his room and goes looking for Linda. Jim finds Linda on the set of his new film while on holiday at the Holiday Inn. Jim leaves his pipe on the piano and hides. Linda is on stage and starts playing White Christmas. As soon as she notices the whistle, she pauses, but continues singing as soon as Jim starts singing with her. Jim opens the door, and Linda runs up to him and makes the director scream: Cut!

The film ends on New Year’s Eve, when Ted gets back together with Lyla, while Jim and Linda prepare to live together at the Holiday Inn.

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