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A secret government organization called Monarch discovers some mysterious ancient tracks in a cave in the Philippines. Shortly thereafter, a catastrophic meltdown occurs at a Japanese nuclear power plant, destroying the plant and killing dozens of people. Fifteen years later, a former employee of the plant discovers that the plant was destroyed by an ancient monster that now threatens all of humanity. Mankind has no other hope but that of another giant monster, Godzilla, the king of monsters. A monster that almost fifty years ago mankind could not kill.

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Godzilla (2014) Movie Summary and Film Synopsis on MHM

In 1954, the great prehistoric creature Godzilla was lured to Bikini Atoll to be killed with an atomic bomb. In 1999, a cave was discovered near a uranium mine in the Philippines containing the large skeleton of a Godzilla-like monster. The secret government agency Monarch sends scientists Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) and Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins) to investigate. The scientists discovered two giant tracks, one dormant and one hatched, and a test that leads to the sea.

Meanwhile, there is unusual seismic activity at the Janjira nuclear power plant in Japan. Supervisor Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) sends his wife Sandra (Juliette Binoche) to lead a team of technicians into the reactor to see if it has been damaged. A second quake destroys the reactor while Sandra is inside. Joe is forced to close the reactor door before Sandra and her team can leave, as the plant collapses.

Fifteen years later, his son Joe Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a U.S. Navy officer, returns from duty with his wife Elle (Elizabeth Olsen) and son Sam (Carson Balde) in San Francisco. However, he contacts the U.S. Embassy in Japan and is told that his father has been arrested in Japan for entering the Janjira quarantine zone. Ford is forced to cross the seas to retrieve Joe. Once there, Joe convinces Ford to accompany him to obtain important data about the collapse so that he can determine the cause of the accident. Once in the quarantine zone, they retrieve the data, but are surprised to find that the area is not contaminated. Joe and Ford are both discovered and taken to a facility located in the ruins of a factory. Once there, they discover that the remains of the plant contain a giant doll that has been powered by the plant’s reactors for 15 years. It also emits powerful electromagnetic pulses. In the presence of Joe and Ford, a giant winged, insect-like insect emerges from the doll and destroys the remains of the plant. Joe is killed in the incident. The military reports the incident as an earthquake to hide information about the monster.

The monarch sends Serizawa and Graham to join a U.S. Navy task force to search for a Massively Unidentified Terrestrial Organism (MUTO). The task force is led by Admiral William Strathairn (David Strathairn). Ford is interviewed as part of the task force’s investigation. Serizawa and Graham tell Ford that an expedition on the high seas in 1954 awakened Godzilla and that the nuclear tests of the 1950s were failed attempts to kill the prehistoric monster. Project Monarch was set up to secretly study Godzilla and other monsters. Serizawa reveals that the MUTO caused the Janjira debacle that killed Ford’s mother. Ford tells the scientists that his father was tracking echolocation signals that indicated the MUTO was communicating with something else, perhaps Godzilla.

Meanwhile, MUTO attacks a Russian submarine and drops it in the mountains of O’ahu, Hawaii, to eat the nuclear material. Meanwhile, Ford returns to San Francisco and settles in O’ahu. Godzilla arrives on the island and briefly fights MUTO, destroying the airport and causing a tsunami in Honolulu. After the fight, Serizawa theorized that MUTO was not communicating with Godzilla, but actually something else. Serizawa’s theory led the military to investigate another controversy, that of nuclear water storage in a nuclear water tank at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. However, the spore hatches, and a second winged MUTO appears and attacks the city of Las Vegas. Scientists concluded that the winged MUTO was a female, and that she was trying to communicate with the supposed male MUTO in Nevada. The message was a proposal.

Stenz approves the plan to lure the three monsters to the open sea with nuclear warheads so the army can destroy them. Scientists reject the plan. Ford eventually arrives on the mainland and joins a military team that brings the warheads ashore by train. But a MUTO woman intercepts the train en route and destroys the convoy, devouring most of the warheads. One warhead remains and is flown to San Francisco. Ford sits with the warhead. All the monsters descend on the city of San Francisco, which is evacuated. El stays in the city to help the people, but sends his son Sam. Sam cannot leave the city before the monsters arrive and he seeks shelter.

The warhead is activated when Godzilla appears on the Golden Gate Bridge. But the male MUTO grabs the warhead and brings it to a female who is busy building a nest in Chinatown. Ford joins a military assault team that enters the city via an extremely dangerous parachute jump using a HALO parachute to find and dismantle the warhead while the monsters fight. The team finds the warhead, but cannot access the timer to deactivate it. They try to get the warhead onto a boat to transport it out to sea. Ford destroys the MUTO’s nest as they leave it. Godzilla defeats the MUTO, but immediately collapses from exhaustion. Ford takes the boat out to sea and is saved before the warhead explodes. The next morning he is reunited with his family in an emergency shelter. Godzilla wakes up and returns to the sea, widely regarded as the savior of humanity. The media refers to Godzilla as the “King of Monsters.”

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What will Godzilla face in the 2014 film?

Godzilla vs MUTOS – Final scene of the fight of GODZILLA (2014).

What happened at the end of Godzilla 2014?

Godzilla blasts his icy fire into the gorge of the remaining Muto (see above). But as Ford collapses on the deck of the ship, he sees Godzilla crashing into the ruins of San Francisco. We assume he died of war injuries sustained during the great battle.

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