8 Best and Free Fantasy World Map Creator

What is the best fantasy map generator?

When playing Dungeons & Dragons and many other fantasy board games, the most important thing we need is a world with depth and richness for our imagination. Almost all FRP players want to create a world that they can love and get lost in the depths of the game the moment they play. In this article, we have examined the D&D World Map Maker tools one by one. Each fantasy world map creator you will make with these tools will reflect your innovation and imagination.

In this way, you will be able to develop your artistic world and go on a journey with your heroes in a world full of epic adventures. Each of the dnd map maker tools we have reviewed has its own characteristics. You can access the tools you need by trying a fantasy world map creator you want. Let’s your map maker fantasy come real.


Inkarnate is a free fantasy world map creator that allows you to design worlds, regions and city maps. You can build any kind of world in your style and keep the history alive with great empires and kingdoms. If you want, you can make detailed designs with regional maps and interior regions. 

Is Inkarnate free?

Inkarnate offers its users two types of usage: free and premium. While using around 700 art assets in the free version, there are 12,300 art assets in the premium versions. In short, you can make detailed maps of battlefields, trees, shadows and many more for free with Inkarnate. 

There is a second world generator on the site. This second fantasy map generator has different tools and includes a hex grid at the top of the map.

The most important reason why Inkarnate is so popular is that it enables you to create even the finest details with 4k or 8k resolution zooms. Another important feature is that you can get more realistic images in mountains, forests or areas with water by using the stamp tool to add realism to your map.

If you want to start creating massive continents and a legendary world, you can start using Inkarnate right away.

8 Best and Free Fantasy World Map Creator

Via: Inkarnate


Dungeonfog is one of the popular D&D map maker tools that works in the browser. Many D&D map maker creators use the DungeonFOG map tool. There are some reasons why it is so useful. The most important of these is the usefulness of the feature called map fog. One of them is to design the map in such a way that the heroes who start playing the map cannot see what they can happen to them in the next room, in the dungeon or in the castle.

Another most prominent feature of the DungeonFOG is that it allows the size of the grids to change. You can make complex dungeons by opening large grid areas. Using some objects in your dungeons, it can give heroes who try to explore your world, sometimes scary and sometimes exciting emotions.

If you want to build castle corridors, huge sculptures and dark corridors, this tool is for you and completely free. If DungeonFOG is of interest to you, you can check it in more detail this fantasy map generator.


                                                                                                                                   Via: DungeonFog

Wonderdraft (Paid Version)

Are you looking for a fantasy map generator where you can make artistic touches? Then I would like to introduce you to Wonderdraft. Wonderdraft can create dozens of types of realms

, with realistic images, add beaches to those lands, and build your artistic world. The most important feature of Wonderdraft is that it provides digital pen support.

In this way, you can design maps with your own hands by thinking about all the fine details. You can use Wonderdraft‘s own tools or get content from some reliable sources. You can also check the subreddit link if you want to add objects from outside.

If I need to mention some of its features, Wonderdraft has an extremely user-friendly interface compared to many map creators on the market. With a few hours of excursion, you can dominate the Wonderboard. You can shape the most specific detail such as realistic beaches and land parts according to your imagination. 

As far as I am currently observing, the only negative aspect of Wonderdraft is that it is far from science fiction elements. If you want to create spaces, galaxies or different sci-fi elements, Wonderdraft is not a suitable fantasy map generator for you.


Via: Reddit


Every world that is created must have a story. The world you are going to build should live with the story you make and enrich your game. Worldspinner is perfect for fantasy map creator masters looking for more than killing monsters and looting gold. Worldspinner includes seas, mountains, farmers, heroes, cities and castles, all kinds of elements that you can push the limits of your imagination.

It should not be forgotten that the most important factor to be considered while creating a powerful universe is history. The history of your characters and regions will add new excitement to the artistry of the world you create.

Every city contains its own culture. For example, while building the capital of the kingdom, you can even put the market area in front of the castle as you wish. Temples, trade ports and more … You can witness the cultural development of each race you create as you navigate the limits of your imagination. You can join this world you created with your friends and witness the rise and fall of history as time progresses.

As you navigate the maps you have designed with Worldspinner, you will take your players on a fantastic journey through the world of dreams. With extensive themes, many kinds of characters, and countless tools, we can say almost the best among Worldspinner free fantasy map maker apps. If you need a detailed world generator, you can experience the Worldspinner.


Via: Worldspinner

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator

It’s time for a map generator for those who love to build amazing worlds. It is very fast and responsive compared to fantasy map generator. Every action you make, no matter how detailed it is, will take place within a few seconds. When you first look at the world from above, you cannot see much detail. However, when you get closer, the borders of cities, rivers, roads and countries are revealed with all the details.

Offering dozens of different land options, Azgaar can create rivers and lakes that divide the land, you can position and color them as you wish. Of course, not everything is limited to creating the world.

Cultures, cities and countries; It will enable you to give life to the world you create. You will be able to manage many specific detail such as the interactions between cultures and their distribution across countries. If you want to look at Azgaar Fantasy Map Generator in more detail, you can reach it from the link, or you can get user support from the subreddit page.


Via: Github

Watabou Medieval Fantasy City Generator

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a medieval town. The sound of the blacksmith’s hammer, the grunt of the horses, and the heat of the coal that had collapsed on the town. Continue to imagine yourself walking through the town among the slightly muddy crooked stones. A loud bell sound breaks the silence you are in and you come to yourself. This is exactly what Watabou is.

Watabou is a medieval fantasy map creator tool with which you can build enormously detailed towns, cities and villages. You can shape the wetlands, fields and many other details around the settlement you created.

Watabou has a user-friendly interface and usage, enabling to swipe. It is frequently used by many players and map makers, especially those who are fond of the medieval world, who want to experience a unique game adventure. If you are excited about what you read, you can embark on a new adventure with Watabou.


Via: Reddit

ProFantasy Campaign Cartographer

And now ProFantasy Cartographer is next. It has almost similar features like all other D&D world map maker generators. However, there are some key points that distinguish the ProFantasy Cartograph from its competitors. First of all, I want to point out that you can create various maps and dungeons. Then there are some themes to adapt the base of the story to your world. You can create maps with themes in the consistency of Game of Thrones or in the consistency of The Lord of the Rings. Another advantage is that the roads, mountains and forests that you can create with its Photoshop-like interface can be designed in a realistic way.

If you want to create a deeper world where you think about every detail rather than creating a simple world, this dnd map maker tool is for you. One of the situations that we can describe as negative is that besides being free of charge, many features are paid. However, using the free version, you can have adventures together in lands to explore for yourself and your friends.


Via: Profantasy

DungeonDraft (Paid and Bonus)

We would like to talk about our favorite map generator that brings a new point of view into the D&D universes you will create. DungeonDraft is a software that you can design detailed custom war maps. You can design buildings, forests, dungeons and all kinds of structures in multiple floors. While your heroes are fighting the enemy downstairs, they will never know what awaits them upstairs.

If you are passionate about designing maps with artistic qualities, you will love Dungeondraft. You will be able to decorate your map with the deepest details, from blood stains scattered around when your hero is injured or destroys a monster.

If you are tired of the black and white old school D&D maps, you can start creating your war map with thousands of colorful objects with Dungeondraft.


Via: Dungeondraft


We examined the most popular fantasy world map creator tools created by great map generators for you. Extremely useful programs, all of which are preferred by map makers with their good and bad aspects. Although we usually try to offer you free ones, we also wanted to mention some of the paid tools that are preferred with their content richness and ease of use. If you have free fantasy world map creator recommendations, please feel free to share with us.

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