Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Shauna Fulton Impresses Eric Forrester – Quinn Loses Her Man To BFF?

Bold and beautiful; Seana Fulton (Denise Richards) Bold and beautiful; Seana Fulton (Denise Richards) doesn’t care that this week Seana Fulton (Denise Richards) impresses Eric Forrester (John McCook) with her kindness to him and her devotion to Quinn Forrester (Renee Sofer) for the bold and beautiful.

Beautiful and Brave Spoilers – Sean Fulton did not feel the benefit of Eric Forrester’s kindness.

The audience will remember that Seanna didn’t feel comfortable taking advantage of Eric’s kindness. Eric persuades Sean again to stay at Forrester Manor, the guesthouse where she lives most of the year. Sean doesn’t want to take her best friend’s husband either, although Quinn is too jealous and even accuses him of doing it! Eric is also impressed with Sean’s integrity.

She admitted that marrying Ridge Forrester (Torsten Caye) in Las Vegas was a scam and that there had been no remarriage, but she called Ridge herself to explain and ask for forgiveness. So Eric asked her to stay, but he threw Quinn out of the mansion! But it seems that Eric will now be even more impressed by Sean, especially his kindness to him and his dedication to Quinn.

Maybe Eric will be impressed by the way Sean tries to comfort him, just like she tried to comfort Ridge when he was with Brooke Logan Forrester (Catherine Kelly Lang)! Seana would only present herself as a good friend and as someone on whose shoulder Eric could cry if necessary. Maybe Eric will go to her, and Sean will argue that he should focus on Quinn as long as he’s legally married to her!

Spoilers for hotels and bars– Eric might be impressed enough by Shauna to live in a big house!

Eric may be impressed by Shauna in his heart, and he will be as passionate about her kindness as Ridge. Everyone needs a good friend, but if a good friend is beautiful inside and out, that’s just the icing on the cake! When he really starts to get too close, Seana gently pushes him back to his wife, which impresses her even more. It shows that she is attached to the guilt of someone who is dear to her, and this is a very admirable quality for Eric.

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For someone who almost insults Quinn and remains loyal to him, that almost sounds like madness! Sean seems to be the antithesis of everything Quinn is. Sean felt guilty about being involved in Quinn’s machinations and manipulations! Shenanigans and manipulation seem to be a way of life for Quinn, and the one she proved to Eric couldn’t leave them behind. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if she could still get Eric from Quinn, even though she wasn’t trying to steal him!

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