Season 3 of the Asterisk War: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

The Asterisk of War of Seasons 1 and 2 had an average of 7/10 of the MyAnimeList ratings and had a lot of fans. But have we had enough for a third season? Let’s go exploring. War Star Season 3 extendedStatus The war against the asterisks The expansion status Star Wars season 3 is currently … Read more

Hollywood’s Biggest Studios

The Hollywood studios take care of the production and distribution of films. They manage a large part of the cash register. Since the golden age of Hollywood, six major companies have been founded in Hollywood. These studios are also involved in distribution. Since the beginning of Hollywood cinema, the largest American film studios have dominated … Read more

The City of Meereen and the Walls

When Daenerys Targaryen and his army reach Meyerin, Meyerin’s people look down on them. These walls belong to a fort near Split, Croatia. To find the exact location of your photos, read them or click on the map pointer in the Images section above. A citizen of Mirin was tried and this man killed him … Read more

The devil is part-timer, man! Season 2: Everything that we know so far

The story revolves around the main characters who have come to this world from another dimension, who eventually get used to everyday life as people. Just like most great series are based on exciting entertainment novels, the Devil is part of a stopwatch called Mao-Sama Hataraku! The Japanese language is also based on a series … Read more

The Most Hilarious Moments Captured by Walmart Shoppers

More than most places, Walmart seems to be a magnet for strange behavior and to discover some of the most beautiful women you will ever see. Occasionally you see someone in a strange outfit at the gym or with an unusual friend in the library or bookstore. But it seems that Walmart has more than … Read more

The Night Manager Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast & More

It’s been three years since the first season of Night Manager ended, and now everyone is interested to know if there will be a second season or not. After the cancellation of House, many wondered what Hugh Laurie’s next big step would be. Did he want to retire and enjoy the benefits of show business … Read more

The Passion of Christ 2: Date of release, Plot, Cast, and More

We saw the legendary religious leader Jesus of Nazareth die a bloody death in the original Passion of Christ, but now Mel Gibson wants us to witness the consequences. In the biblical films, they were murdered at the box office and long afterwards stripped of their money. In some parts of the world, the Ten … Read more

The Shield Hero Rising Season 2: Renewal Status and Release Date

Fans are looking forward to the second season of the climb of the Hero of the Shield. Luckily for all the fans, we have all the information we need. In the anime world there have been many interesting series in recent years. Some have proven themselves in the past, others have not. When The Rising … Read more

The Saga Of Tanya The Evil Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

In the second season Tanya would have to fight against Mary Sioux, and Mary lost her family in the war that took place because of Tanya’s actions. There is something very interesting in films and series where the villager becomes the protagonist and protagonist in the story. We are all used to the main character … Read more

These are all the new movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

It takes a lot of work and talent to become an A-lister in Hollywood, and Leonardo DiCaprio is one of them. Here are all his upcoming films. The biggest news Leonardo DiCaprio makes these days is his collaboration with Quentin Tarantino for his film Once in Hollywood. Next to DiCaprio are the movie stars Brad … Read more