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“You are too wild for one world!

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars is a 1953 American science fiction comedy in which two workers accidentally launch a space rocket. They first land in New Orleans, but end up on the planet Venus.

Directed by Charles Lamont to a screenplay by J.D. Beauchamp and John Grant, based on a story by producers Howard Christie and J.D. Beauchamp. The film features Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Marie Blanchard, Robert Page, Horace McMahon and Martha Heyer.


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“This strange mix of science fiction and burlesque comedy is ostensibly based on a story by Charles Beaumont, which was never filmed (it should be noted that Beaumont’s future Queen of Space has a remarkably similar story). Long considered the team’s worst film, Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (“and just in time!” – New York Times TV movie reviewer’s note) is quite likable in its disjointed way.” AllMovie

“The spacesuits have a bowl on the head, and the Venus sets are glamorous sets and women (who were actually Miss Universe contestants)…. It even looks like they were transported to 1953.” The Venus cars from the film were also used in the classic film “Land of This Island. Abbott and Costello Go to Mars was a fun part of the Abbott and Costello series. Objects from the basement

“Abbott and Costello go to Mars to play the role of Miss Universe, Anita Ekberg, among others, which has great potential, but they are especially interested in the science-fiction encounters that saddle Orville with the madness and petty jealousy of this alien world.”

“All in all, Abbott and Costello’s trip to Mars was not the worst thing I’ve seen Bud and Lou endure. Their encounter with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was even more humorous, and I can think of a million ways in which this particular premise could have been more forgiving.” Abbott and Costello’s film “Go to Mars” keeps a smile on the face at times”. Syneslice

“The GTM is just a lot of fun. It’s a joke. The air model on the rocket string is hardly a serious special effect. The jokes are still funny, and the many innuendos are subtly delivered with a straight face. That they confuse the neighborhoods of New Orleans on Mardi Gras with Mars is silly, but funny. That they then confuse the planet Venus with Los Angeles is an amusing parody of their own film.” Classic Science Fiction Films

“Unfortunately, the jokes and antics are very uneven. The weightlessness sequence is not only very inaccurate, but more whimsical than funny.” The addition of two cartoon characters who look a bit like Bud and Lou also seems unnecessary. My favorite plot is probably the middle section, where they land in the bayou near New Orleans and visit the city during Mardi Gras, assuming they are on Mars. Fantastic musicals and walking tours.

“Abbott and Costello’s Worst Film” is a flamboyant work of genius compared to the non-comedic versions of this subgenre from the 1950s (“Male astronauts, all American, travel to a planet full of women who have never seen men”). Catwoman of the Moon came out the same year, dammit. Ouch. At least Abbott and Costello are being watched”). Finn Clark

Marie Blanchard.

“Abbott and Costello never go to Mars” in Abbott and Costello go to Mars. Either way, you’ll enjoy the classic visual effects, the innocent slapstick and the good alcoholic banter.” Movie Attack

“There are one or two sets (including an innocuous scrum) that stand out, a pleasant absence of musical numbers and a lot of decently simple lines in the script. Even the old-fashioned science fiction elements (big aquarium helmets, charming special effects, etc. ) made me love it even more, like a comic riff from the science fiction comics of the time. It actually is. “Because it’s the act of man.

“The film spends an inordinate amount of time on New Orleans, so much so that the film should really have been called Abbott and Costello go to Venus via New Orleans. The two thieves (Jack Kruschen and Horace McMahon) are about as close as a gag note. But once the team arrives on Venus, the film comes alive and returns with hilarious sets.” Jerry Saravia

“Scenes on Earth are no better than burlesque madness when you are on Venus. Scenes of New Orleans with giant heads immediately achieve a kind of Alice in Wonderland surrealism. Sometimes the whole thing has a wonderful burlesque energy”. Moria

“…When the movie finally gets to the theater, it starts to get funny. But with a short film like this, you have to get to the funny faster. It’s like they have two (or maybe three) scripts that they’re trying to merge into one”. I need coffee.

…A fine plot stretched to the limit to fill the film’s 77 minutes, and every joke is beaten to death, especially during the “New Orleans” segment. It gets a little better when the action moves to Venus (where Costello becomes king), but that’s only a minor improvement. I don’t even know if it distracted me from all the scantily clad beauty queens that made me think the movie was better. Shades of Grey

“…full of beautiful ladies blessed with eternal youth, which was a real fantasy at the time – the Cat’s Women of the Moon and Queen of Space, among others, made use of it. Marie Blanchard’s iconic pin-up essay on the role of the queen is here, and it’s a foundation of gentle sexism and bland humor that is at least more enjoyable than the excessive slapstick that occupies the rest of the film…” Rolling Image

“Many critics say it’s the team’s worst film, but it’s fun if you’re an indifferent fan of the team (like me). As with Meet the Killer, the title of the film is wrong, as Abbott and Costello actually go to Venus, not Mars. Venus, in case you didn’t already know, is populated entirely by beauty pageant winners (including Anita Ekberg).” Vacuum cleaner for the video

Anita Ekberg on set as a Venusian.

The actors and characters:

Bud Abbot… LesterLou
Costello… Orville-Marie
Blanchard … Queen AlluraRobert
Paige … Dr. Wilson-Horace
McMahon … MugsyMartha Heyer … Janie Howe Jack Krushen … Harry Joe
Kirk … Dr. OrvilleJean Wills… Hungarian captain OliviaAnita
Ekberg… Hungarian security guard James Flavin… The first police officer at the bank Jackie
Loughery… Vienna Guard (as Miss USA)
Ruth Hampton… Girlfriend (as Ruth June Hampton) (as Miss New Jersey
) Valerie Jackson … Girlfriend (as Miss Montana
) Renata Hoy … Girlfriend (as Renata Hoy) (as Miss Germany)
Jane Thompson … Girlfriend (as Miss Louisiana)
Geri Miller … Vienna Guard (as Miss Welcome to Long Beach)
Judy Hatula … Vienna Guard (as Miss Michigan)
Elsa Edsman … Mitten (as Elsa Edsman) (as Miss Hawaii)

Shooting Locations:

Universal Studios – 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California

Technical details :

minutesBlack and whiteApicture ratio : 1.
37 : 1Audio :
Mono (Western Electro Record)



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